Need a loan to finance an apartment complex?

apartment loan financing

Caffrey & Company LLC is your one-stop shop for getting connected with the best apartment loan financing deals:

apartment loan financing

Need a loan to finance an apartment complex?   There are many options to choose from.  Caffrey & Company LLC will help sift through the many loan products to place the loan that will best achieve your goals.  These multi-family loans are offered through Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wall Street Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities originators (conduits), insurance companies and banks with specialty loan products for apartments.

For example, you could obtain a loan between $1 Million and up to $5 M million on non-recourse loan terms starting at leverage as high as 80%.  For example, Freddie Mac has a new program that was released in the past year for a loan between $1 and $5 Million.  The closing costs for third-party reports can be as low as $3,250.  You can ask for step down prepayment vs. yield maintenance, this lender does not collect on-going replacement reserves, the competitive interest rate is fixed for the initial term (e.g. 10-years) then the rate will float to allow you time to refinance into another fixed rate.  These loans are designed to be assumable.  Cash-out refinancing in apartment loan financing is an acceptable term and amortizations up to 30-years.

Need to borrow more than $5 million?  You will find even more attractive interest rates as the loan dollars increase. Leverage up to 80% of the value is available with amortizations to 30-years.  Check out the interest rates on the website for current interest rates examples.

Need more leverage than 80%?  We have lenders that will overlay as a portion of the commercial apartment loan with mezzanine.  This can bring the loan to value as high as 85% loan to value for loans over $5 million.

Prefer to deal with a portfolio lender?  Caffrey & Co. is a correspondent for over 40-insurance companies many that offer unique structures and generally hold the loan in their investment portfolio.

With well over 100 lenders to choose from making Caffrey & Company LLC your go-to place for finding apartment loan financing deals that meet your budget.  We work for you!