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Commercial Real Estate Loan:

Since April of 2000 Caffrey & Company LLC has been your source for a New Jersey commercial real estate loan.  With well over 40-years of combined loan underwriting experience we are experts in commercial mortgage lending.   For instance you have access to our capital source which include:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • FHA/HUD for apartments loans
  • Wall Street firms, Conduits, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
  • Regional Lenders such as banks and credit unions
  • Specialty lenders
  • Private Family Money
  • Bridge Lenders
  • Hard Money lenders
  • Equity Providers

Loan Amount for a New Jersey commercial real estate loan:

Commercial Real Estate loans in New Jersey start at $1,000,000.  However, the best loan terms start above $2,000,000.

Purpose of loan:

Loan purposes can be for:  acquisition, refinancing, cash out, funding for a 1031 Exchange, or a Reverse 1031 Exchange, renovation, repositioning, and partner buyouts.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates:

We update interest rates daily on a host of commercial loan products, please visit: Loan Interest Rates You will find many examples of commercial real estate loan rates for stabilized properties.   If your property is not yet stabilized we have many bridge loan products starting at $2,000,000.

Property Types for real estate investment properties:

  • Apartment Loans:
    • are available up to 80% of the value (even higher through FHA/HUD) which include 5 units and up, townhome complexes, suburban multifamily properties, apartment high rise, student housing, mobile home parks, and modular housing.
  • Single Tenant and CTL loans:
    • for example, refinancing or the acquisition under 1031 Exchange rules or for the purchase in a NN or a NNN Property can provide higher leverage. Typical single tenant real estate investment loans can go as high as 75% of the purchase price or appraised value.  However, if higher leverage is needed and if the tenant carriers investment grade credit ratings a bond structure may be possible allowing for much higher leverage up to 90% and more.  See Sample Credit Tenant Ratings for examples of investment grade and near investment grade tenants.
  • Industrial property mortgage:
    • For instance this would include flex space, warehouses, light manufacturing, distribution centers, and terminals.
  • Office buildings loan:
    • in the suburbs and urban core, multi-tenant or single tenant properties accepted.
  • Hotels or Hospitality loan:
    • Most lenders will require a major flag from Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Radisson and InterContinental to name several.  The loan to value is normally 65%.
  • Retail property loan:
    • This property type is often broken into several sub-categories:
      • Anchored retail center. An example, would be the neighborhood grocery anchored shopping center.  Loan to value goes to 75%.
      • Unanchored shopping center: For instance, smaller tenants, neighborhood restaurants, hair salons, gift shops, service oriented tenants such as a tailor, dry cleaners, nail studio. Loan to value to 70%
      • Power Centers: Usually made up of large big box tenants such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Jo Ann Fabrics, Pet Co.
      • Self-Storage Facilities mortgages: A wide range of loan products are available starting at $1,000,000 for min-storage.

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On our web site you can read about specific loan products:, offered by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD/FHA, Commercial Mortgage Back Securities (CMBS) and other loan products. Want more details on sample interest rates for apartment check out Interest Rates for Apartment Loans also on our web site:

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