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Credit Tenant Lease: or Credit Tenant Loan (“CTL”)

Investors looking to maximize the loan proceeds when financing a commercial property supported by a long term lease from a NNN Credit Lease Tenant that carriers investment grade public credit rating from Standard & Poors; Stand & Poors web site and/or from Moody’s Investors Service; Moody’s web site might consider CTL financing.

Here are some of the benefits of Credit Tenant Leases:

  • Higher leverage or loan to value (“LTV”), with constraints up to 100% of the value. A typical commercial real estate lender will want 20% to 35% cash down.  Under a NNN net credit tenant lease structure you are limited to the value of the real estate and further constrained by the items listed below.

  • The Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio (“DSCR”) can be as low as 1.00x with bondable and NNN credit tenant lease terms. When the landlord has certain obligations or expenses such as maintenance of the roof and parking lot the lender will require some additional cash flow going back to the landlord to address these landlord obligations.  Therefore, the DSCR might be closer to 1.05x or 1.10x.

  • The term and amortization can go as high as 30-years.

How Much down payment is required?

Does this mean you could borrow enough money to finance 100% of the purchase price of a single tenant property supported by a long term lease from a tenant that carrier’s public investment grade credit ratings?  Theoretically yes. However, to qualify as a true CTL transaction you must be able to fully amortize the loan over the primary lease term.  Without having some inside such as you developed the property and have sweat equity in the project it might be difficult to finance nearly all of the purchase price.  We have not seen but a few projects in recent months did not require substantial down payment.  It is best to plan on putting down at least 20% from most of the transaction we have seen in recent years.  Most of our clients are in a 1031 Exchange buying a triple net lease property.

Interest Rates for Triple Net Lease Properties:

We update our web site every business day and can provide you with sample interest rates Commercial Real Estate Interest Rates

Investment Grade Credit Rating:

As mentioned above the Tenant must carry investment grade credit ratings to qualify as a CTL transaction. Moody’s Investment Grade Ratings are Baa3 and above.  Standard and Poors (S&P) Investment Grade ends with the BBB- rating.  Non-investment grade ratings are Ba1 for Moody’s and below and BB+ for S&P and below.

Be sure to check the credit ratings it is important to note the trend or forecast.  For example, if S&P shows a rating of BBB- (low level to still be considered investment grade) and reports a “negative” trend this tenant might be subject to a downgrade to the next level BB+ which is no longer investment grade.  For instance, look what has happened to giant companies such as Sears and how technology impacted Blockbuster.  Both of these companies carried investment grade ratings at one time.  Therefore, when considering an investment in a property with a NNN Credit Tenant Lease look into the credit ratings.

Residual Value Insurance:

It might be possible to borrow additional dollars over what the lease might be able to retire over the remaining term of the lease (we cannot use lease option extensions that have not been officially extended by the tenant).  If the balloon balance is over $1 million and the resulting loan to the dark value is 50% or less we could consider placing Residual Value Insurance to protect the lender by paying the loan off at the end of the Loan Term.

Below find sample of single tenants that carry investment grade credit ratings.  This is by no means the complete list of all tenants, just a sampling.  Also, ratings change from time to time. Update the Tenant credit ratings when considering your investment.  The ratings below are mostly as of the first of 2019 calendar year.

If you need a loan on a property that is supported by a long term lease but the tenant does not have public credit ratings we can help.  See the sample list of tenants that lenders are actively lending on.  CTL structures available on the Tenants listed below that carry investment grade ratings.

Tenant Name                    S&P ratings except as noted

7-Eleven, Inc.                                 A1-Moodys

A&W                                                 BB

Advance Auto Parts, Inc.             BBB-

Arbor Drug Store                           BBB+

Auto Zone, Inc.                               BBB

Bahama Breeze                               BBB

Bank of America                             A

BB&T Corp                                       A-

Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.              BB+

Bed, Bath & Beyond                      BBB

Big Lots, Inc.                                   BBB-

BP America                                      AA-

Bridgestone Corporation              A2-Moodys

Brinker International                   BBB-

Capital One Financial Corp         BBB+

Chase Bank                                      A+

Chevron Corporation                    AA-

Circle K Stores                                BBB

CitiBank                                            A+

Conoco                                             A-

Costco Companies                         A+

CVS Caremark Corporation         BBB+

Darden Restaurant, Inc.               BBB

Delhaize Group S.A.                       BBB

Dollar General Corporation          BBB

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.                  BBB-

Eckerd’s Drug Store                        BBB+

Exxon                                                 AA+

Family Dollar Stores, Inc.              Baa3-Moodys

FedEx                                                 BBB

Fifth Third Bank                              BBB

Food 4 Less                                       BBB

Food Lion                                          BBB

Fred Meyer                                       BBB

Fresenius Medical Care AG          BBB-

Fresh & Easy                                    A-

Fresh & Wild                                    A+

Giant Foods                                      BBB

Harris Teeter                                    BBB

Home Depot, Inc.                            A

Homegoods Stores                         BBB-

J.P. Morgan Chase                          A+

Key Bank                                           BBB+

KFC                                                    BB

Kohl’s Corporation                         BBB-

Koninklijke Ahold N.V.                 BBB

Kroger                                               BBB

La-Z-Boy                                           N/R

Long John Silvers,                         BB

Long’s Drug Store                          BBB+

Lowe’s Companies                         A-

McDonald’s Corporation              BBB+

Mobile                                               AA+

Nordstrom                                       BBB+

Olive Garden                                   BBB

O’Reilly Automotive, Inc.             BBB

Owens Corning                               BBB-

Pep Boys                                          BBB-

Phillips Petroleum                         A-

Pizza Hut                                         BB

PNC Bank                                        A

Polo Ralph Lauren                         BBB+

Publix Super Markets, Inc.           A

Rare Hospitality                             BBB

Raytheon Company                       A-

Revco Drug Stores                         BBB+

Ross Stores                                      BBB

Royal Dutch Petroleum                 A+

Safeway                                            BBB

Sam’s Club                                       AA

Shell Group                                      A+

Sherwin-Williams Company        BBB

Smith’s                                              BBB

Staples                                              BBB

Starbucks Corporation                  BBB+

Taco Bell                                          BB

Target Corporation                        A

TD Bank                                           AA-

Texaco                                              AA-

TJX Companies, Inc.                     BBB-

T-Mobile                                          BBB+

Total SA                                           A+

Unocal                                              AA-

US Bancorp                                     A+

Valero Energy Corp.                      BBB

Verizon                                             BBB+

Walgreen Co.                                  BBB

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                   AA

Walt Disney Co.                             A

Wells Fargo                                    AA-

Whole Foods                                  A+

Wild Oats                                        A+

Winners                                           BBB-

Yum! Brands, Inc.                         BB

Below are Tenants in high demand from our lenders.

Quality Tenants without ratings No Public Ratings MAX LTV MAX Amortization
Aaron Rents N/R 75.0% 15
Aldi, Inc. Private 75.0% 20
BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
CarMax, Inc. N/R 75.0% 20
Casey’s General Stores N/R 75.0% 15
Cheesecake Factory, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
Chick-Fil-A Private 75.0% 15
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
Grand Lux Café N/R 75.0% 15
Hibbett Sports, Inc. N/R 65.0% 15
Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Private 75.0% 15
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
NAPA Genuine Parts Company N/R 80.0% 20
Panda Express Private 75.0% 15
Panera Bread Company Private 75.0% 15
Quik Trip, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. Private 75.0% 15
Royal Farms Private 75.0% 15
Sheetz Private 75.0% 15
Spouts Farmers Market, Inc. NR 65.0% 15
Texas Roadhouse, Inc. N/R 75.0% 15
Tractor Supply N/R 75.0% 15
Trader Joe’s Private 75.0% 20
Two Farms, Inc. Private 75.0% 15
Ultra Salon N/R 75.0% 15
Wawa, Inc. Private 75.0% 15
Weis Markets, Inc. NR 75.0% 20


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