Private Equity Commercial Real Estate

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Private Equity Commercial Real Estate:

Looking for private equity for commercial real estate in value add or stabilized investment properties? Here is just one of many equity partners available through Caffrey & Company LLC.

Investment Criteria and Property Type:

  • Equity for Apartment Building:

    • Class A- to C+, prefer infill location with strong demographics and good school district.
    • Best properties will have 9’ ceilings and pitched roofs.  However, the equity investor will consider properties with 8’ ceilings.
  • Equity for Flex/Industrial:

    • Class B/C  +/- 1970 Vintage
    • Minimum 30”+ Ceiling height, Multi-tenant, 3-points of entry, and less than 1-mile from a major highway.
  • Retail:

    • Class B/C 1970+ Vintage
    • Prefer anchored, good visibility, great signage, great tenant sales ad 4:1000 parking ratio.

Capital Stack and Private Equity Strategy:

  • Investment real estate with values ranging from $2 million to $50 million.
  • Equity Investments of $1 million to- $10 million in Private Equity per deal.
  • Private Equity for Commercial Real Estate prefers not to use more than 70% loan to costs, but will consider more debt.
  • Co-Invest with local sponsors
    • Capitalize on sponsor’s experience within the market to best source, finance, acquire, manage and sell real estate assets.
    • Create joint venture partnership in which the capital stack is split between 90%/10% and 50%/50% between Private Equity and the sponsor. Therefore, the sponsor much contribute at least 10% of the required capital.

Return Parameters for the equity investor:

  • The Private Equity investor prefers stabilized and value add investments with investor capital seeking both current income and value growth.
  • The minimum levered cash on cash returns of 9% between years 2 and 4.
  • Minimum property level levered IRR’s of 16%
  • Hold Periods Typically range from 3 to 7-years.

Preferred Equity Strategy:

  • Preferred Equity for local sponsors:
    • For instance preferred equity can be used to assist in the recapitalization and deleveraging of current ownership groups or capitalizing new acquisitions.
    • Minimum 9% to 12% in current pay with a minimum look back IRR of 15%.


  • Equity Investor prefers to partner with sponsors who self-manage the properties and the equity partner will agree to compensate them for the work as managers.  Therefore it best to have a history in the same property type.
  • The equity investor will require some review and approval of certain major decisions, including the execution of large leases and sell/refinancing decisions.

For more information on equity products through Caffrey & Company LLC contact Mike Caffrey (913) 402-7077, email: [email protected] or complete this Free Loan Quote Form.

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